#1 Sanitation Services In Bay Area

Cosmic Renovations  provides an essential service to the residents and businesses in Bay Area – the conveyance and treatment of sewage. 


Residential Refuse

We provide all our customers with our Cart for curbside garbage collection. Our Cart is a green, heavy duty, plastic container on wheels with an attached lid. The cart is available in three sizes, 95 gallon, 65 gallon and 35 gallon.

Residential Temporary Dumpsters

Need a bigger container for a clean-up project? Cosmic Renovation has 4 yard and 6 yard temporary dumpsters* available for such a project (We can accommodate other sizes upon request).

Residential Recycling

Recycling lowers your impact on the environment and saves you money. Call our office and see if recycling is available in your area.

Find out what makes us stand out

What makes us rise above our competitors is that we offer a range of perks to our clients:

Cosmic Renovation provides an essential service to the residents and businesses in Los Angeles – the conveyance and treatment of sewage. This responsibility exists around the clock, every day of the year. In order to provide this service, Cosmic Renovation operates and maintains the sewer system that runs underneath City streets and a Water Quality Control Plant where the wastewater is treated to a very high standard before being returned to the environment. Sanitation Services are a complex set of operations that involve trained and qualified staff, specialized equipment, deliberate planning, engineering, qualified contractors, significant electrical energy, and other resources.

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